NINA DU PLESSIS – Educational Psychologist

BA Psych (RAU), PGCE (RAU), BEd (RAU), Med (Educational Psychology)(UJ)

Are you concerned about your child’s progress at school or perhaps worried about his or her emotional wellbeing? Is your child ready for grade 1? Can he or she make a confident decision when it comes to subject or career choices? As a parent you know something is amiss but you can’t seem to put your finger on it? Are you asking yourself whether you are over-reacting or is there really something going on? Struggling to get to the best solution? Contact me and let me guide you in the most suitable direction unique for your situation.

A brief overview of my practice services:

  • School-readiness assessments
  • Global psycho-educational assessments to identify the presence of possible learning and emotional problems
  • Assessments required for academic concession applications, such as additional time for tests
  • Therapeutic assistance for difficulties in study habits, attitudes and techniques
  • Therapy for emotional and behavioural problems in children, adolescents and adults, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, aggression, withdrawal, enuresis/encopresis, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, separation anxiety and school refusal, post-traumatic stress, peer relationship problems, drug/alcohol addiction etc.
  • Assessment and guidance in subject and career choices
  • Skills related enrichment programs for teenagers e.g. self-actualization, conflict resolution, anger management, etc.

Global psycho-educational assessments

A full psycho-educational assessment consists of a set of standardized tests given to gain a comprehensive understanding about the way your child learns and performs. Factors such as:

  • What is your child’s present ability to learn?
  • What is your child’s probable potential?
  • Is your child achieving at appropriate levels?
  • Does your child show an ability to learn and improve with additional learning support?
  • Does your child have a “true” concentration problem or is there a different problem resulting in similar symptoms
  • What emotional factors are present that may be preventing your child from reaching his or her true potential.